About us

Debsta developed Stone-Stories.com in Spring 2015 when she decided to down tools from being a teacher and concentrate on being Mum. She wanted to use her years and years of experience to develop a resource that would encourage a love of storytelling.

Research and experience suggested that the art of storytelling had so many benefits to confidence, memory, independence, flexibility and spirit of adventure to name a few. The British Council recognises these benefits and as a teacher of children with English as an additional language (EAL) it is clear to see that the design of Stone Stories does not limit the children to storytelling in English or to any ability. To read more from the British Council follow this link: www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/storytelling-benefits-tips

Creating stone stories


The creative mind behind Stone Stories is Debra Webster aka Debsta. She designs and makes Stone Stories and runs exciting workshops too.

She has also written and illustrated her first children's book 'The Alternative tale of the Three Little Pigs'.

Our story

The idea for our lovely online shop began after many years of teaching in the UK. There had been a steady decline in language skills on entry to Early Years Education and I was keen to develop something that would expand language skills and vocabulary as well as develop a love of storytelling at the same time.

Soon I was to meet the lovely people at SSBC in Nottingham. Small Steps Big Changes is part of Nottingham CityCare and their aim is to improve the lives of 0-3s in the city. For me this was the perfect opportunity to influence a younger generation and for the SSBC team a perfect visual tool to share what they were all about.

Workshops with Stone Stories was the natural next step and to date I have provided workshops in schools and nurseries, for brownies and rainbows and within companies like SSBC. The workshops are tailored to suit and can consist of anything from storytelling to story making through to developing a companies story which can assist with branding and moving forward as a business.

News for Autumn 2019 - Alongside my friend at Kindling Life we have started a new community enterprise called Nottingham Makers Hub. At the NMH we hope to support other local makers and business to share skills, socialise, share ideas and eat cake!